About us

Dedicated Lab was founded in 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine with a desire to help businesses grow and provide real tech consulting expertise instead of “cheap outsourced coding”. Our ambition is to make a real impact on our clients’ businesses.

We help our customers implement technology into their routine in order to facilitate automatization, save costs and eventually make their businesses more appealing for potential clients. The success of our projects and the feedback we receive gives our team a great feeling of accomplishment and purpose.


That make us dedicated lab

Our company has determined and continues to follow, a particular set of values. These values have formed our internal corporate culture, individual attitude toward every client, our business sustainability, as well as environmentally-friendly approaches.

  • Always think about how to add value to your business before acting
  • Communicate clearly and transparently. Be honest!
  • Never work on something we do not believe in
  • Treat our clients as a part of the team
  • Be proactive and empathetic
  • Hire only top tech specialists who care about their work
  • Constantly learn and improve
  • Share our Knowledge

Our team

  • Roman Grushevoi

    Roman Grushevoi

    Co-founder, CEO

    We believe that for every product success it needs to be developed by a dedicated team of professionals who cares about the product in the first place. Our team of skilled it professionals always concentrate on the business and its users, on their needs and goals. Our mission is to help businesses grow and benefit from available technologies.

  • Roman Bezmen

    Roman Bezmen

    Co-founder, CTO

    We are your dedicated team. We are committed to your company and your project from start to finish. It’s not just a job for us. Your problems become our problems and we solve them together.

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