15th October 2018

Dedicated team or dedicated developers

Our mission is to be business partners and technology advisors. But if you know exactly who you need, for how long and for what tasks – you don’t need Dedicated Lab team. You need dedicated developers.

There are few reasons for this:

  • You will actually save money on management if you have a PM on your side and you just need developers.
  • You will save money by paying directly to the developers instead of paying to the company. Even without commission, the company would have to pay taxes and transaction fees which adds to unneeded expenses.

So if you have requirements for your team and not for your product, if you have detailed tasks and not just problems you are trying to solve – let us help you. For a reasonable hiring fee, we can help you find good developers that will work on you directly. We will follow up with you on their performance in order to make sure that job is done right.

But if you are not sure who can help you and how exactly a solution should work under the hood – contact us now. Our analysts, technical architects, and experts will suggest and implement a solution that will fit your requirements and work for you. Projects like this are our true driving force. Having dedicated team on such project will help you make sure that:

  • Quality and timeline for the project are met no matter which developer is going to work on the task.
  • Things are done right and moreover, the RIGHT things are done.

Choose what you need, talk to us and we can help to decide.