17th September 2018

We are small

We are a small consulting company and this is your benefit.

Here are 5 reasons to work with a small consulting company versus a big out staff corporation:

  1. We value every client. Small company’s success depends on every client. Big companies care only about big clients. Small projects are taken to keep programmers busy. Being small allows us to stay dedicated to your business.
  2. We value every employee. We do not hire a lot of people. We hire only the right people. One bad programmer in a small company can ruin the project, which impacts the company significantly. We’d better spend a lot of time finding a good programmer then quickly hire an average one. Big companies hire a lot. They staff hundreds of programmers every month. Do you think they are all good? Are you lucky enough to get the best of them to work on your project?
  3. We do not waste money. We don’t need a lot of managers, human resources officers, division heads, and other corporate staff. Your team will be working directly with you with no extra management. This allows us to have cost-effective organization and lower prices for our clients.
  4. Effective communications. A small company is like a family – we know each other and know all personal and project-based problems. We constantly communicate and help each other. We discuss a project sprint on Friday evening with friends instead of a 2-hour meeting in the office.
  5. We want to grow with you. If you grow – we grow with you, your success is our success, your problems are our problems.