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High Quality

It is always about the quality! When it comes to end users, they are very concerned about the quality of the project. Clean and understandable design, bugless flow, secure and reliable data storage. These things differ high-quality products from millions of others built in the world. 

Coding, just like any other process, can have mistakes – the so-called “bugs” and they should be handled by development process. Here in Dedicated Lab, we have a special QA team for manual testing as well as automated tests for bug identification and fixing on early stages that will reduce bug cost. Our QA not only perform formal testing with respect to requirements, but also make sure that software satisfies users needs, business processes and performs in the best possible way: it should be fast, secure and convenient, with regards to the newest IT trends. After all, we are not just building a high-quality software, but we also create – sufficiency, scalability and security of the apps. 

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