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Business Analyst

We are looking for a passionate person who wants to understand the business software solution for it and them both better. We are looking for a person with ambitions and a sense of beauty who is willing to take ownership of the product requirements. As a Business Analyst, you will be on the front lines of the product we create, and will be responsible for building features used by thousands of people every day.

About the product:

The product is in the medical insurance domain or more specifically – medical cost sharing. We are building software that would help to reduce medical insurance costs by switching from classical insurance to cost sharing. Product is built by our company from scratch and was successfully released last year. One of the challenges of the product is a number of integrations: with banks, with bill processing systems, with partners, etc.

You will do:

Take full responsibility for doing the RIGHT things. Do whatever it takes to make the product that will actually make the client delighted.  Among other things you will:

You are:

Passionate about what you do.  Client-oriented “Can do” type of person.

You have:

You most likely know:

We propose:

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