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QA Engineer

Hello. We are looking for a QA Engineer to join our team. Let’s get to know each other!

We are:

A crew of technical minded people united by desiere to use modern technologies and approaches to help business to go online and optimise processes. We work with our clients as a partners by building trustfull and transparent relationships united by one goal – build a great products.

We all not just producing code, or specs, or bug reports, but we build the products that we are passionate about, making them scalable, reliable, good-looking, and convenient. Every team member is a little bit designer, architect, analyst, product manager.

We help startups and existing businesses. We build POC and high load enterprise-level products. We apply the same love and attention to detail for all projects we are working on. Our team is appreciated by our clients so we constantly getting more projects and grow. Now we are looking for

You are:

A “Can do” type of person, curious and smart, an eager learner, a conscientious worker, and a supportive human. You want to make delightful products that you can proud of and show to your friends and family. You want uses of these products to be happy.

You have:

You will do:

Work on product quality starting with business understanding, requirements review, test planning, and implementation, constant product review, and improvement suggestions. Daily monitor product you will be working on.

Cooperate with other team members, help each other, as well as improve your own skills.

We propose:

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