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Our benefits

  • Building projects that are easy and delightful to use is one of our primary goals. We know how to make software user-friendly.

    User Experience, or UX, is aimed at making the overall consumer interaction with your product as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. At Dedicated Lab we understand that UX is not about making the product look beautiful – it is about interaction. It is great to have a good-looking website, but it is more important to provide an excellent experience to a user. And if your business is based on customers you should be preoccupied with how they feel while using your product. Such components of UX as interactive elements, graphics, colouristics, layout, text, work in tandem to present the user with an experience, not just some information. Optimization of the app for both web and mobile is of high significance as well.

    The product also needs to be fast, because there is nothing more annoying for customers than a slow website. Users expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less. And trust us, if it takes longer, this will be the last time they will be using your app or website. Your product should be accessible to your entire target group, regardless of whether they are using Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Also, the project should solve user’s problems, this is how you measure impact.

    Another aspect, worth mentioning, is simplicity of the app. It should not only be pleasant to use, but also easy to understand. If customers need a manual or training to use your software, you are in trouble. Because most people are too lazy for that. So, always keeping users in mind is a must and users want to reach their goals in one click. This is exactly what Dedicated team can do for you – deliver a product that is easy to digest. Dedicated designs are honest, clear and understandable to the user, with simple navigation system, proper colors and fonts for your audience.

  • Before development, we always take an extra step in order to understand client’s business goals and the role of the project behind those goals.

    When approaching a new project it is of vital significance to understand what a product is and how it is supposed to look in the future. It is important to know as much as possible about what your clients need, not what you think they need.

    Projects mostly exist to bring something new into this world and make human life more convenient.  But before we follow Nike’s advice and “just do it” we usually have a row of meetings with our client and talk over all problems, requirements, aims, values, concerns, etc. We have a deep understanding that behind every project there is a business goal. We learn from the client about their business goals, currently used tools if its internal instrument or competitors, and audience if it’s a product for consumers or other business clients. We use impact mapping analysis that helps to map goals of the project to measure work milestones in efficient way.

    This is how Dedicated team perceives each and every project we get to work on, no matter how small or big it is. Applying good project management techniques helps boost the project and achieve business goals.

  • We rely on data: analytics, statistics, A/B testing. Every iteration we gather, feedback and project usage data foster project improvements.

    Dedicated team uses analytical data to suggest what features can facilitate product improvements. While working on all of our projects we always rely on precise and proven data to guarantee the most efficient result. We work with well-tried tools and techniques to reach quality performance, increase conversion of the website, enhance sales level and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Data analytics has become an essential tool that facilitates successful project outcomes. Analyzing a group of consumers can provide a reasonably accurate and cost-effective representation of the market with fast and cheap statistics, that can explain the connections between customer satisfaction, repeat purchases and sales volume.

    Our key techniques are Google Analytics, as well as other Pixels for activity tracking, A/B testing, beta releases, customer interviews, competitors research. Statistics provides basic information about what’s happening with the product and how to improve its performance. Feedback is also an essential part of data collecting that is actively used by Dedicated Lab’s team. It contributes in better understanding of pain points and learning about strengths, as well as areas for improvement. Collecting feedback is a cheap and a very powerful tool, that we also have at our disposal. Data gives us and our clients insights and helps understand better how others perceive their performance. Data and analytics facilitate a more effective business strategy and growth, creating new ways for project improvement.

  • Using modern technologies and frameworks, writing automated tests, manual QA, and acceptance testing allows us to build high-quality products.

    It is always about the quality! When it comes to end users, they are very concerned about the quality of the project. Clean and understandable design, bugless flow, secure and reliable data storage. These things differ high-quality products from millions of others built in the world. 

    Coding, just like any other process, can have mistakes – the so-called “bugs” and they should be handled by development process. Here in Dedicated Lab, we have a special QA team for manual testing as well as automated tests for bug identification and fixing on early stages that will reduce bug cost. Our QA not only perform formal testing with respect to requirements, but also make sure that software satisfies users needs, business processes and performs in the best possible way: it should be fast, secure and convenient, with regards to the newest IT trends. After all, we are not just building a high-quality software, but we also create – sufficiency, scalability and security of the apps. 

  • Contact us and get free project estimation from our experts.

    If you are not sure how much it costs to implement the product your are dreaming about or if you have an idea, but no technical background – we can help you understand ballpark figures for free! Also, if you already have a working business, but want to improve its KPI using modern technologies –  Dedicated team would be happy to help you as well. 

    We see every project, we are lucky to work on, as a unique snowflake, that needs a unique strategy, perfectly tailored for its particular needs. A significant part of project planning is estimation of project costs, resources and duration. In order to make an accurate estimation we usually ask customers questions about goals of the project , the result and how the success of the project can be determined and measured. We help with technology usage discussion and make suggestions about pros and cons of every tool that can be used. It needs a lot of participation from the client’s side to figure out the services and technology that are required, as well as set an exact time frame and budget.

    A solid project estimation implies breaking the entire work scope down into phases, tasks, and subtasks. We like to separate those and apply a time and money estimate to each element. Thus it will be more understandable for the customer how long the team spends on a certain task and how much this exact piece of work costs.

  • We build transparent and trustful relationships with our clients. Talk to Dedicated team directly without extra management layers.

    We believe in clear and straightforward interaction between our clients and our team.  Maintaining efficient communications requires organization and commitment from both our and customer side. We have a deep understanding of services our clients need and what their expectations are. But it is also important to constantly discuss current progress. We are very transparent about every stage of our work, timelines and costs. Our clients have clear understanding of what exactly we are developing for them.

    We like to demonstrate our team’s achievements regularly, so that the customer is aware of the progress and has evidence of achieving strategic goals and objectives. We usually provide these reports via weekly or bi-weekly demos, planning sessions, grooming, and bugs triaging sessions, but we also provide more frequent updates over email. Every Dedicated Lab employee speaks English, so we would be happy to answer all of your questions, because having a transparent and direct communication with our clients is one of our top priorities.

  • Using flexible development methodologies, features prioritization, and modern tools for continuous delivery constantly brings value to the business.

    Dedicated team aims for constant growing of your business and facilitation of it’s efficiency. To deliver high-quality software and solutions at affordable costs we use global software delivery model to provide custom information technology, as well as consulting and business process outsourcing.

    One of these helping tools is introducing flexibility into software development methodologies, which can be extremely beneficial. It provides an overview of experience in executing a software development project, using a hybridized development framework. This framework incorporates different models for different software modules of the same project and fosters its success.

    Feature prioritization is another significant method worth mentioning. It requires a highly skilled Project Manager that can handle multiple tasks and is aware of every aspect of the project. It also requires a solid strategy and prioritization criteria, categorizing and grouping initiatives, understanding the customer value for each initiative, vectoring towards not only the latest trends and not following the features of the competition. And, approaching prioritization as a team activity is of great significance. These tools all facilitate an effective and simplified process of prioritizing and give various perspectives.

    Our entire workflow – customer development, market research, etc.–results in a list of prioritized features for the development team to build. When all of those features are ready to be exposed to customers, bugs are fixed, it’s time to be prepared for the release, which takes a huge amount of effort. We understand importance of relying not only on manual testing, but automation as well. Software development is moving towards continuity. This enables products being released frequently and predictably to clients.

    Relying on pipelines daily, helps us resolve deficiencies much quicker than if they flow once every few weeks. Basically, increasing frequency of the product releases makes the project less complicated. We provide continuous integration, continuous testing, constant monitoring, and pipeline analytics, which enables our team to react to market changes. Continuous delivery facilitates productivity  and sustainability of Dedicated team.

  • We deliver all of our projects and take good care of our clients with further support and 100% quality guarantee.

    Keeping our customers satisfied with our service is non-negotiable. We understand that clients are experts in their field just like we are in ours. That is why we always listen to their ideas and inputs, also they know their own customers better, hence this can make our efforts more efficient. With our clients we prefer to under promise and over deliver.

    We guarantee 100% quality because it is not in our interest to make a customer upset with our work. First, we want them to refer us to their family, friends and colleagues,  and second, we look for a long-term relationship with our customers – some of them need our help even after the project has been delivered. Also, we never wait for customers to ask us what else can be done to improve performance.

    Finding out new strategies that will facilitate growing our client’s business is our job. Dedicated team’s actions are always clear and transparent. Whether we talk about time or cost estimations, or work scope, we try to be as understandable as possible and give every detail of the workflow. This way our client can make alterations at any stage of work, or tell us if something needs extra effort. 

    Our PM explains clearly what we do, and how our services are delivered, so customers can understand what to expect. We will not tell you how amazing and perfect we are. We are all humans and mistakes happen. But we have a strong believe, that being a professional doesn’t mean always being right, it means handling mistakes in the most adequate way.

    Our customers are loyal to us because they know they can rely on our work ethic and any possible mistake will be fixed promptly. So if you are happy with our services, please refer us to friends, family and colleagues. We will appreciate it.

Our approach

  • What we do?

    We help our clients to solve their business problems and generate more income using modern technologies and digital products

  • How we do it?

    With the help of a simple, 3-step process

    Step 1: Understand the business case Step 2: Find the solution Step 3: Implementing the solution while keeping exceptional product quality

  • Why we do it?

    Because we believe that the only way to succeed is to help others to be successful