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Constant value delivery

Dedicated team aims for constant growing of your business and facilitation of it’s efficiency. To deliver high-quality software and solutions at affordable costs we use global software delivery model to provide custom information technology, as well as consulting and business process outsourcing.

One of these helping tools is introducing flexibility into software development methodologies, which can be extremely beneficial. It provides an overview of experience in executing a software development project, using a hybridized development framework. This framework incorporates different models for different software modules of the same project and fosters its success.

Feature prioritization is another significant method worth mentioning. It requires a highly skilled Project Manager that can handle multiple tasks and is aware of every aspect of the project. It also requires a solid strategy and prioritization criteria, categorizing and grouping initiatives, understanding the customer value for each initiative, vectoring towards not only the latest trends and not following the features of the competition. And, approaching prioritization as a team activity is of great significance. These tools all facilitate an effective and simplified process of prioritizing and give various perspectives.

Our entire workflow – customer development, market research, etc.–results in a list of prioritized features for the development team to build. When all of those features are ready to be exposed to customers, bugs are fixed, it’s time to be prepared for the release, which takes a huge amount of effort. We understand importance of relying not only on manual testing, but automation as well. Software development is moving towards continuity. This enables products being released frequently and predictably to clients.

Relying on pipelines daily, helps us resolve deficiencies much quicker than if they flow once every few weeks. Basically, increasing frequency of the product releases makes the project less complicated. We provide continuous integration, continuous testing, constant monitoring, and pipeline analytics, which enables our team to react to market changes. Continuous delivery facilitates productivity  and sustainability of Dedicated team.

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