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Free evaluation

If you are not sure how much it costs to implement the product your are dreaming about or if you have an idea, but no technical background – we can help you understand ballpark figures for free! Also, if you already have a working business, but want to improve its KPI using modern technologies –  Dedicated team would be happy to help you as well. 

We see every project, we are lucky to work on, as a unique snowflake, that needs a unique strategy, perfectly tailored for its particular needs. A significant part of project planning is estimation of project costs, resources and duration. In order to make an accurate estimation we usually ask customers questions about goals of the project , the result and how the success of the project can be determined and measured. We help with technology usage discussion and make suggestions about pros and cons of every tool that can be used. It needs a lot of participation from the client’s side to figure out the services and technology that are required, as well as set an exact time frame and budget.

A solid project estimation implies breaking the entire work scope down into phases, tasks, and subtasks. We like to separate those and apply a time and money estimate to each element. Thus it will be more understandable for the customer how long the team spends on a certain task and how much this exact piece of work costs.

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