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Numbers help to improve

Dedicated team uses analytical data to suggest what features can facilitate product improvements. While working on all of our projects we always rely on precise and proven data to guarantee the most efficient result. We work with well-tried tools and techniques to reach quality performance, increase conversion of the website, enhance sales level and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Data analytics has become an essential tool that facilitates successful project outcomes. Analyzing a group of consumers can provide a reasonably accurate and cost-effective representation of the market with fast and cheap statistics, that can explain the connections between customer satisfaction, repeat purchases and sales volume.

Our key techniques are Google Analytics, as well as other Pixels for activity tracking, A/B testing, beta releases, customer interviews, competitors research. Statistics provides basic information about what’s happening with the product and how to improve its performance. Feedback is also an essential part of data collecting that is actively used by Dedicated Lab’s team. It contributes in better understanding of pain points and learning about strengths, as well as areas for improvement. Collecting feedback is a cheap and a very powerful tool, that we also have at our disposal. Data gives us and our clients insights and helps understand better how others perceive their performance. Data and analytics facilitate a more effective business strategy and growth, creating new ways for project improvement.

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