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Understand business needs

When approaching a new project it is of vital significance to understand what a product is and how it is supposed to look in the future. It is important to know as much as possible about what your clients need, not what you think they need.

Projects mostly exist to bring something new into this world and make human life more convenient.  But before we follow Nike’s advice and “just do it” we usually have a row of meetings with our client and talk over all problems, requirements, aims, values, concerns, etc. We have a deep understanding that behind every project there is a business goal. We learn from the client about their business goals, currently used tools if its internal instrument or competitors, and audience if it’s a product for consumers or other business clients. We use impact mapping analysis that helps to map goals of the project to measure work milestones in efficient way.

This is how Dedicated team perceives each and every project we get to work on, no matter how small or big it is. Applying good project management techniques helps boost the project and achieve business goals.

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