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User Experience, or UX, is aimed at making the overall consumer interaction with your product as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. At Dedicated Lab we understand that UX is not about making the product look beautiful – it is about interaction. It is great to have a good-looking website, but it is more important to provide an excellent experience to a user. And if your business is based on customers you should be preoccupied with how they feel while using your product. Such components of UX as interactive elements, graphics, colouristics, layout, text, work in tandem to present the user with an experience, not just some information. Optimization of the app for both web and mobile is of high significance as well.

The product also needs to be fast, because there is nothing more annoying for customers than a slow website. Users expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less. And trust us, if it takes longer, this will be the last time they will be using your app or website. Your product should be accessible to your entire target group, regardless of whether they are using Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Also, the project should solve user’s problems, this is how you measure impact.

Another aspect, worth mentioning, is simplicity of the app. It should not only be pleasant to use, but also easy to understand. If customers need a manual or training to use your software, you are in trouble. Because most people are too lazy for that. So, always keeping users in mind is a must and users want to reach their goals in one click. This is exactly what Dedicated team can do for you – deliver a product that is easy to digest. Dedicated designs are honest, clear and understandable to the user, with simple navigation system, proper colors and fonts for your audience.

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