Top 10 TMS in 2021

Transportation Management Software is a piece of technology that allows businesses to plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of incoming and outgoing goods and helps with compliant shipment and necessary documentation in order to provide transparency of day-to-day transportation operations and ensure the timely delivery of freight. Transportation management software facilitates the key processes of transportation management – planning and decision-making, transportation execution, transport follow-up, measurement and execution of the transportation plan. It studies planning and coordination of product delivery, fosters efficiency in  route planning, load capacity, expediting shipping in order to increase the margins of business owners. 

The goal of TMS is to provide the most effective transport schemes and to reduce transport cost, lead-time and amount of stops, allowing any physical or administrative operation regarding transportation (traceability,  invoicing, documentation, reception editing, sending alerts notifying about any additional stops, delays or accidents), as well as monitoring supply chains in real time and improving customer service

Top benefits that TMS can provide for your business:

Many companies with basic and complex logistics operations have already appreciated the advantages that the right technology can provide making logistics management and conducting business across the globe seamless.  

Among extensive functions of TMS are optimizing terrestrial transport rounds, management of motor carrier, air maritime and rail transport, inbound and outbound transportation mode, selection of transportation provider, real-time transportation tracking, service quality control in the form of KPI’s, load and route optimization, freight audit, shipment batching of orders and scheme simulation. 

We’ve collected top 10 TMS in 2021 based on reviews and our own analyses below:

There are many benefits of TMS that manufacturers, distribution companies, and anyone who ships freight realize. Transportation management systems can help companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively. A more efficient transportation planning and execution eventually results in higher customer satisfaction. That, in turn, leads to more sales, favouring business growth. And considering this dynamic global trade environment we live in, it is important to have a system that will allow you to successfully navigate complicated processes around trade policies.

But probably the main reason why companies implement a TMS is to minimize freight spend. A TMS achieves these savings based on process enforcement, analytics, and optimization.

Before buying a TMS make sure to have skilled experts – whether you have an IT team in-house or working for you remotely, this will simplify the integration process for you. Consulting with tech experts is crucial even on the initial stage  – you need to identify the right TMS for your company, based on your requirements, transaction volume and features that are needed for your business. Dedicated Lab would gladly help you with that. We provide consulting services to help transportation companies define technology they need and we can help you with deployment. 

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